Function Block Position Controller - _NCCPU021_MoveRelative_DINT

The OMRON FB library for position controllers provides a collection of function blocks developed for simple open looop positioning.
Most of the FBs share the same interface (I/O) regardless of the output device employed for positioning (CJ1M, CPUs, CP1H, NC units).
All the FBs rely on the functionalities built-in the CPUs and NC units.
None of the functions employ the feedback from an encoder for positioning.
Function Description 
  • When Start (Execute) is turned ON, executes positioning on the axis of the specified by Axis No. (Axis) with the specified Position command (Distance), Speed command (Velocity), Acceleration rate (Acceleration) and Deceleration rate (Deceleration) using the selected Pulse output method.
  • The Positioning completed (Done) is turned ON when positioning by this FB is completed.
  • It is not turned ON when positioning is interrupted due to deceleration stop caused by another instance or error.
  • The Error flag (Error) and Error code (ErrorID) will be output when an error related to this FB occurs. They will be turned OFF when Start (Execute) is turned OFF.
  • If Start (Execute) is turned OFF before positioning is completed, they will be turned ON at least for one cycle when a corresponding condition occurs.
  • CW direction is taken as the positive direction while CCW direction is taken as the negative direction.
Basic function Executes positioning using relative movement.
File name Lib\FBL\omronlib\PositionController\NC-CPU(CJ1MCPU2x)\_NCCPU021_MoveRelative_DINT10.cxf
Applicable models CPU Unit  CJ1M-CPU21/22/23  Unit Version 3.0 or higher
  CX-Programmer  Version 5.0 or higher

Variable Tables

Input variables

Name Variable Name Data Type Range Default Description
EN EN BOOL     1(ON): Starts FB

0(OFF): Does not start FB

Axis No. Axis INT &0 to &1 &0 &0: PulseOutput 0

&1: PulseOutput 1

Start Execute BOOL   0(OFF) Starts relative movement
Position Command Distance DINT -2,147,483,647 to +2,147,483,647 +0

Specifies the relative travel distance Unit: Pulses

Speed Command Velocity DINT &1 to &100,000 &1 Specifies the target speed (Hz)
Acceleration Rate Acceleration INT &1 to &65535 &1 Specifies the acceleration rate Unit: Hz/4ms (increase (Hz) in pulse frequency per Pulse Control period (4ms))
Deceleration Rate Deceleration INT &1 to &65535 &1 Specifies the deceleration rate Unit: Hz/4ms (increase (Hz) in pulse frequency per Pulse Control period (4ms))
Pulse method output OutPulseSelect INT &0 to &1 &0 &O: CW/CCW Output

&1: Pulse + direction output

Output Variables 
Name Variable Name Data type Range Description

1(ON): FB operating normally

0(OFF): FB not operating normally

Positioning completed Done BOOL   1(ON) indicates that positioning has been completed
Error flag Error BOOL   1(ON) indicates that an error has occurred in the FB
Error code (may be omitted) Error ID WORD   The error code of the error in the FB will be output.For details of the errors refer to the sections of the manuals listed in the manuals mentioned above. When Unit No. or Axis No. is out of the range 0000 will be output.