Error Codes For SIGMA II Firmware From Version 33 Onwards

Alarm Code Descriptions
A.08 Linear scale pitch setting error. Implemented in firmware Ver. 12 and higher.
A.09 Dividing ratio Error. The setting in Pn212 is invalid. For Linear Motors, the dividing ration exceeded the setting in Pn281. Applicable to Renewal models (Firmware Ver. 32 or higher) only. To correct - correct the setting of Pn212 and turn OFF the control power and turn it ON again.
A.0A  Encoder type mismatch. The attached serial encoder is not supported. Applicable to Renewal models (Firmware Ver. 32 or higher) only. To correct - replace the servomotor with Sigma II series servo amplifier supported model.
A.33  Wrong input power. Amplifier is in AC input mode (Pn001.2=0) but has DC input; or vice versa. Implemented in firmware Ver. F and higher. 
A.55  Linear Motor max speed setting error. The setting in Pn384 is more than the max speed of the linear motor connected. Applicable to Renewal models (Firmware Ver. 32 or higher) only. To correct - reduce the setting in Pn384 to the linear motor maximum speed or less. 
A.76  Pre-charge contractor failure. Pre-charge contractor failed to close when SVON signal is applied. Applicable to large capacity (22-55kW) amplifiers only.  
A.90  Excessive position error warning. Position error exceeded setting in Pn51E. Applicable to Renewal models (Firmware Ver. 32 or higher) only. 
A.b1  Reference input A/D converter error. A/D result unstable. Applicable to Renewal models (Firmware Ver. 32 or higher) only. 
A.b3  Motor current detection error. Amp stays in BB even after SVON signal is applied for 500ms. Applicable to Renewal models (Firmware Ver.32 or higher) 1kW or smaller. 
A.C2  Encoder output phase error. Applicable to linear scale only. Firmware Ver.12 and higher. 
A.C5  Linear motor pole sensor position detection error. Firmware Ver.12 and higher. 
A.F5(A.F6)  Motor disconnected. The detected torque is less than 10% of commanded torque reference. When in BB state, an A.F6 or A.b3 may be generated instead. Applicable to Renewal models (Firmware Ver.32 or higher) over 1kW. To correct - Check the servomotor power line wiring. Replace the servo amplifier. 
A.d1  Full-Closed Loop (FC100): FC Encoder and motor encoder pulses discrepancy too large. Check Pn206.
A.E0  Option board not connected/no response. At power on, the SGDH will check for 10 seconds if the option is connected. Check Pn004, it should be 0000. 
A.E1  Option board timed out. Timer in SGDH starts timing when control coard function starts. Timer currently is set for 10 sec. 
A.E2  Watch Dog Timer alarm. Option board and SGDH are out of synchronism. 
A.E5  MECHATROLINK synchronization error. 
A.E6  MECHATROLINK communciation error (failed twice consecutively). 
A.E7  Option board not connected. After power on with option board connected, the option board is removed while power is still on. Reset alarm with Fn014. 
A.93  Absolute encoder low battery voltage warning (NS600). 
A.94  Data set up warning. Invalid or out of range data. 
A.95  Invalid command warning. Inappropriate command was issued for the current control state. 
A.9F  I/O cable not connected (MP940 or MECHATROLINK cable disconnected). NS600 Indexer error. 
A.b6  Option board (JL-040) abnormal 
A.E9 MP940 alarm. This alarm is generated by the MP940 when there is a aproblem in the MP940. Check MP940 for more information.
A.EA SGDH does not respond at power on or after reset.
A.Eb SGDH initial access error. SGDH POwer on start up confirmed but response is absent or faulty.
A.EC Watch Dog Timer error. SGDH ran away or WDT abnormal.
A.Ed Command execution incomplete.