CX-Server Error Codes

When errors occur in the communication package, CX-Server, an error code may be displayed. To explain the cause of this error:
  • If displayed in the CX-Supervisor Error log, press the “Display Code Converter” toolbar button to launch the Error converter and show further details, or launch the Error Code converter from the Start menu, under the CX-Supervisor menu and type in the code displayed.
  • Alternatively, the full list of causes is below. Note that the cause is only the last 2 digits of the error code for example, if the error shown is “0x8a1b” then ignore the “8a” and just look up “0xnn1b”:
0xnn00 Normal operation
0xnn01 Cancel button was pressed
0xnn02 Normal operation
0xnn03 The executing function was stopped in the applications callback handler
0xnn04 The returned specified buffer is not large enough to hold all the data requested
0xnn05 The specified name is not unique within the open project file
0xnn06 An unspecified error occurred in CX-Server that is not handled by any other error code
0xnn07 CX-Server has not been initialised by the application
0xnn08 The specified address is invalid for the selected or open device. This error may be generated by the Communications Manager during address validation, or the device during a read/write request
0xnn09 The CDMPLC Command function executed is not supported on the selected or open device
0xnn0A The file or filename specified is invalid or could be opened/created
0xnn0B The device's operating mode is invalid for the requested operation, or the device was opened in a mode not compatible with the requested operation eg attempt to execute CDMGetData when the device was open in Read Only mode
0xnn0C The specified name is invalid, its name contains invalid characters
0xnn0D One or more of the specified parameters are invalid
0xnn0E The open PLC handle specified is invalid
0xnn0F The open Project handle specified is invalid
0xnn10 The open User handle specified is invalid
0xnn11 The Key specified is invalid or cannot be found
0xnn12 The device or function is locked by another user or application
0xnn13 The name specified does not exist or cannot be found
0xnn14 The specified PLC name does not exist
0xnn15 The specified Project cannot be found or created
0xnn16 The operation cannot performed as the correct access permissions have not been obtained. This usually indicates another host currently has the PLC access rights.
0xnn17 The function or CDMPLCCommand is not supported in this version of CX-Server
0xnn18 The PLC could not be opened or the operation failed because the PLC is open for communications. Check the communication settings and that another application is not currently using the connection method eg Mouse configured and using COM1 port
0xnn19 The Point could not be opened or the operation failed because the Point is open for communications
0xnn1A Attempt to delete a currently selected User
0xnn1B Communications to the device could not be established or the connection has been broken. Check the communication settings and connection method to the device
0xnn1C An executing command was aborted by the execution of another command or action
0xnn1D CX-Server is currently processing the maximum number of requests. This error indicates the application is thrashing the maximum possible communications throughput of the device's connection
0xnn1E CX-Server has reached the maximum limitation for the specified function
0xnn1F Communications Error occurred because of a Network Routing Table problem. Check the routing tables in all devices are correctly configured. In Alpha C Series PLCs ensure the Allow Routing Table flag is set
0xnn20 The specified Point name or key is invalid
0xnn21 Device setup information or settings configuration is incorrect
0xnn22 Device configuration information or data is incorrect
0xnn23 The Unit number specified is invalid or does not exist
0xnn24 The data cannot be converted to BCD as it contains Hexadecimal values between 0xA and 0xF