Can I uninstall old CX-One updates?

After installing CX-One Autoupdates over several months you can get quite a list of installed updates shown in Control Panel. It is quite common then to ask:
Can I uninstall all the old CX-One updates shown in the Control Panel to recover lots of disk space without affecting the CX-One installation?
But the answer to this is "No, you should not uninstall the old updates."
Every CX-One Autoupdate is "Accumulative", meaning it includes all previous fixes too. The advantage of this is you only ever have to install the one latest update, rather than all in exact order. This means every update is like a full install, so uninstalling any of them is actually like a FULL uninstall and the software would then be unusable!

In fact Control Panel is a little misleading in the way that shows these updates and their sizes and makes it look like lots of space can be recovered by uninstalling them. In truth though the space shown for each update is the size of the SAME files in the same folder so other than a few registry entries, there is little to be saved by uninstalling the old entries. So if you want to keep your CX-One working - don't uninstall any autoupdates.