What's New With CX One 2.03 ?

Here is the description of CX-ONE V2.03 available via autoupdate.

Detail version

CX-Programmer    Ver.
FB Library(E)    Ver. 060831
FB Library(J)    Ver. 060919
CX-Integrator    Ver.
CX-Designer    Ver. 2.02
SAP Library    Ver.
CX-Drive    Ver.
CX-TrajeXia    Ver.
CX-Motion    Ver.
CX-Motion-MCH    Ver.
CX-Motion-NCF    Ver.
CX-Position     Ver.
CX-Process    Ver  5.11
FP Auto-Builder    Ver.
CX-Profibus    Ver.
CX-Sensor    Ver.
CX-Protocol    Ver.
CX-Simulator     Ver.
CX-Thermo    Ver.
CX-FLnet    Ver.
Switch Box     Ver.
CX-Server    Ver.
PLC Tools    Ver.
COM Library    Ver.

What is improved ?

Cx-Programmer V7.03 (AutoUpdated)
CS1D V1.3 support
FQM1 V3.2 support

New CPS (AutoUpdated)
CS1D-CPU6xH V1.3
CS1W-DRM21-V1 V1.1 (Error Log 64->96)
CJ1W-DRM21 V1.1 (Error Log 64->96)
CS1W-NCF71 V2.0
CJ1W-NCF71 V2.0

Cx-Server V3.02 (AutoUpdated)
Online recovery may fail after reconnection with Fins/Tcp
UM/EM sizes are not correctly recognized when auto online to CJ1H-CPU67H

Cx-Integrator V2.03 (AutoUpdated)
96 Error Log in CS1W-DRM21-V1/CJ1W-DRM21 with new CPS
Shut down while displaying Help in English

Cx-Motion-MCH V2.02 (AutoUpdated)
Parameter is downloaded even when we choose option to disable to download.
P0012/P6ZZ01(ZZ:01-32) upper limit = 0FFF (To be 27FF)
(This causes Whole zone parameter download fails)

Cx-Motion V2.25
G code is not returned (one line) when code is referred. (ONLY Windows 98SE)
Cause: riched32.dll V4 has been installed by FP Auto-Builder (To be V5)
V2.03 CX-ONE installer : NSFP V3.06 will not install riched32.dll.
(This does not happen with Cx-Motion/NSFP separately install)

CX-Drive V1.31 (AutoUpdated)
RV:5083->5084, RV-V1: 1033->1034

Cx-Process V5.11 (AutoUpdated)
Dialog string correction
Shut down while Tuning screen displayed.
Grid in GTC mode conversion matrix disapears.

Cx-Motion NCF V1.40 (AutoUpdated)
Smart Step Junior support
NCF71 V2.0 support with new CPS