Is it possible to use CX-Server OPC without logging in or use it as a service?

CX-Server OPC will not run as a Service in Windows, it must run as user that is logged in.

However, it is possible to run make CX-Server OPC login automatically and run in the background under its own user regardless of whether the PC is currently at a login screen or logged in as another user.


This does mean that the default DCOM settings that are set during installation of the product need to be changed.

A specific user should be identified (Administrator is ok, or better to create a new 'opc' account).

Our strong recommendation would be to get the system working whilst logged in as this user and then change these DCOM settnigs to allow the product to run as this user without login.

You must then edit the DCOM config settings as follows

Run dcomcnfg
Navigate to Component Service->Computers->My Computer-> DCOM Config
Under the list of programs select OpenDataServer
Right Click and choose properties
Choose Identity Tab
Change setting to a specific user and type in the login details you have chosen for this 'special' user (see Example Settings below)

WARNING: when CX-Server OPC is running in this way, if a user logs into the PC (that is running CX-Server OPC) and attempts to use CX-Programmer or other CX products, it will fail.  Further DCOM changes would be required to make this possible (applying the same change as above also to Omron Database Class, Omron ComSvr and PortMan).  This might then make it work ok, but this is untested and so unconfirmed.  Our recommendation is not to use other CX products if the OPC server is running.

This method has not been tested and may not work without modification under Windows Vista.