Why Is CX-Simulator Disabled In CX-Programmer Menu?

On some machine installations it is possible for the linkage between CX-Programmer and CX-Simulator to be broken. The CX-Simulator menus become disabled and 'greyed' out:
This can be caused by third party Registry Cleaning software (like CCleaner or Norton Security) which has deleted some required settings. This problem can be resolved by re-adding the required registry settings by downloading and double clicking the attached file. If the problem persists, then disable any Registry cleaners or security software

Note: This REG file assumes installation to the default English path for KICKENGINE.EXE (normally C:\Program Files\Omron\CX-Server).  You may need to open the REG file in Notepad and edit it first in any of these conditions:
- KICKENGINE.EXE is not present in folder C:\Program Files\Omron\CX-Server
- You are running on a non-English Operating System
- You have installed CX-One to a custom drive or path
- You have previously installed CX-Simulator as a standalone product
- You have upgraded from an old version of CX-One, keeping older path settings