There Is A Program Instruction That Doesn't Appear To Be Working - CX-Programmer

A program instruction does not appear to be working even though there is no Error Message being shown during the Compile time.

This can be for several reasons:
  • A BCD instruction is an address as a binary number.
  • A Floating Point instruction is a number in binary or BCD form.
  • In the parameter table is a value which is not accepted.
  • Indirectly addressing a designated address, that does not exist.

Whether or not an instruction is executed can be viewed with the error bit (CF003, P_ER)


The error bit itself can not be monitored because the value can change after each instruction. However, this bit can be programmed in combination with an auxiliary bit (in this example 95.00).

The Operation manual shows when the error bit is high for every instruction. 

If the error bit is not high, it may be that the instruction itself or other instructions in the program have an overlap of addresses. Instructions with numbers, which consists of more than four digits, use multiple addresses. These are the so-called 'Long' instructions.