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Z Switch
Z basic switches provide a large switching capacity of 15A with very high repeat accuracy. They come in a wide range of variations in contact form for your selection: basic, split-contact, maintained-contact and adjustable-contact gap types. General-purpose basic switch A series of standard models for micro loads is available High-precision switching A wide range of variations in contact Drip-proof IP00/IP62
The ZC-_55 switch is a modified version of the Z basic switch as a built-in switch. The mounting pitch is the same. It requires less operating force than conventional limit switches. ZC-_55 is economical and has a long life expectancy. Metal housing Alternating contact Switching/min = 20 Immersion-proof IP67 UL, CSA and EN
With the choice of 4 different 10 I/O CPU units we fulfill all needed functionality to do all kind of control automation. Three of them (C1/C2/C4) are expandable up-to 34 I/O. The C3 has fixed 10 I/O. All DC models have analogue input and a high-speed counter input up to 150Hz. The C4 model is equipped with communication. DC input/supply units have analogue input + high speed counter The ZEN-10C4 has RS-485 communication Expansion available with relay output or transistor output ZEN-Kits the best choice to start!
With the ZEN-20 I/O you get in one unit 12 Inputs and 8 Outputs relays or transistor. Herewith you can do a lot of bigger scale automation whereas the 10 I/O versions are just to short of I/O’s. The 20 I/O unit is available in three different versions starting from C1 with LCD display, control/ program buttons, calendar and clock or C2 with LED status indication or C3 same as C1 but fixed I/O. ZEN-20C1/C2 expandable up to 44 I/Os ZEN DC units have analogue input 0-10 VDC DC models have as well high speed counter 150 Hz. Expansion available with relay output or transistor output
To enlarge your ZEN application we provide three different expansion units in only 35 mm width ZEN housing. All expansion units have standard 4 inputs and 4 outputs. You can add maximum 3 expansion units to one CPU. 4 inputs, 100 to 240VAC or 12 to 24VDC 4 outputs, either relays or transistors (only DC models) DIN-rail mounting H 90 x W 35 x D 56mm
The ZEN Power Supply has the same compact housing as our 10 I/O CPU units. With a current/wattage output of 1.3A/30W it covers enough power to supply the DC ZEN itself and the eventually used sensors. If needed parallel operation is possible. Output voltage 24VDC Output current 1.3A Capacity 30W Allows parallel operation H 90 x W 70 x D 56mm
ZFV Colour
The ZFV colour comes with the same intuitive user interface as the grey scale version. But by using the colour information in the image, it adds more security and reliability to your application. More sensor heads and communication options make it more versatile. Intuitive - "teach&go" user interface Live - LCD display for setup and live inspection feedback Versatile - 8 inspection tools included Scalable - Add controllers to add functionality Flexible - Adjustable working distance and area Get insight in the best sensors for machines that never fail
ZFV Monochrome
The ZFV proves that vision sensors can be "teach&go". Parameter settings are available at the touch of a button. A smart user interface allows intuitive configuration using a built-in colour monitor. In Run-mode, the display gives live feedback showing results and images in real time. Intuitive - "teach&go" user interface Live - LCD display for setup and live inspection feedback Versatile - Up to seven inspection tools included Scalable - Add controllers to add functionality Flexible - Adjustable working distance and area
The new ZFX-C15 bundles advanced functionality with an intuitive user interface. The 3.5” touch screen offers easy access to the ZFX-C15. Auto-adjustment functions guide the user to solve the vision application. The ZFX takes care about lighting, filtering, etc. and hides the complexity from the user. Easy vision – Intuitive teach & go user interfaces Live – Built-in LCD touch monitors for setup and immediate feedback Communication – Centralized setup & inspection via Ethernet Versatile – App. 20 tools, 32 inspections per image Simplicity – Auto-adjustment functions for easy image setup
The new ZFX-C25 maintains the concept of intuitive user guidance. It is the 2 camera version of the ZFX platform and is optimized for high speed applications. Additional measurement tools, such as a contour search can be easily setup using the touch screen and solve complex applications. Easy vision – intuitive teach & go user interfaces Live – built-in LCD touch monitors for setup and immediate feedback Communication – centralized setup & inspection via Ethernet Flexible – 1 or 2 cameras, colour or monochrome Performance – High speed & additional processing tools
Easy profile measurement - Teach & Go The ZG2 enables precise shape measurement on challenging materials and surfaces. An easy and intuitive user interface enables efficient installation, setup and operation. A built-in LCD monitor indicates the measurement result in real time. Easy-to-use - intuitive user interface Live - built-in LCD monitor for setup and immediate profile display Versatile - 18 measurement tools Accurate - 5 µm resolution (3 mm / 631 pixels) Wide profiles - up to 70 mm
Displacement Sensor. Smart ZS-HL sensor offers superb dynamic sensing range for all surfaces from black rubber to glass and mirror surfaces by simply scaling it to your needs. The ZS-HL is the enhanced variant of the ZS-L, applicable for longer measurement distances, and offers compatibility with sensor heads and accessories. Highest resolution and dynamic sensing range for all surfaces Modular and scalable platform concept for up to 9 sensors Easy to use, install and maintain for all user levels Fast response time of 110 µs Multi-tasking capability - Manages up to 4 measurement tools in one controller
Displacement Sensor. ZX-E offers the best solution for the accurate measurement of metallic objects. It is highly recommended in harsh environments such as automotive and metal working machines. High resolution of 1 µm High-speed response time of 150µs Easy sensor head replacement Modular platform concept for different sensing technologies Easy linearity adjustment for any metal
Width-Measuring Sensor. The new ZX-GT Smart laser micrometer complements Omron’s Smart Laser Measurement platform. ZX-GT is able to detect edges, measure diameters of objects and calculate precisely the position on all kind of materials. Based on CCD technology ZX-GT achieves high accuracy and speed under difficult environmental conditions. Transparent objects, reflective surfaces or different positions do not have an influence on the result. The PC Smart Monitor software helps to easily setup and configure the laser micrometer. High accuracy: 5 – 10µm All surfaces Long sensing distance: < 500 mm Line width up to 28mm Calculation unit for multiple heads
Displacement Sensor. Smart, fast and accurate Laser measurement sensor Smart ZX-L offers plug & measure technology for applications where high resolution and fast response time is required. A wide range of interchangeable sensor heads provides greater flexibility in solving most demanding applications. Small and light sensor heads for easy integration High speed response time of 150µs Easy sensor head replacement Scalability through a modular platform concept Multipoint measurement with up to 5 sensors
Displacement Sensor. ZX-T is ideal for applications where the target object may contain oil deposits or other micro-structures. In this case contact measurement is the most reliable way. Modular platform concept for different sensing technologies Air-retracting types for automated inspection Multipoint measurement with up to 8 sensors Pressing force alarm prevents malfunction Strong ball bearing structure assures long life time.


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