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X Switch
X switches incorporate a small permanent magnet in the contact mechanism to deflect the arc to effectively extinguish it. These switches have the same shape and mounting procedure as the Z basic switches. General-purpose basic switch Direct-current switch with built-in magnetic blow-out IP00
Omron's Xpectia is defining a new class of vision systems: real colour sensing, high resolution, 3D functionality and intuitive user guidance combined, provides you pure simplicity, no matter how complex the inspection. True colour system: 16 million colours High resolution cameras: 2 million pixels 2D and 3D inspections Touch-screen for easy operation Industrial-PC platform
All-in-one servo drive and motion controller integrated If your application demands the highest accuracy, the shortest cycle time in the most compact size and the ability to connect to ProfiBus or CAN, then look no further than XtraDrive. Complex motions such as cams, gears and linked axes are also available.


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