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Width-Measuring Sensors
The Smart Laser Micrometers can measure edges, diameter or the position of objects. Accurate and stable results are delivered, independent of whether the surface is transparent, opaque or shiny. The ZX thru-beam systems have a flexible measurement distance and can be scaled to increase the measurement range.
Winder Application Software
The Winder Application Software is the Omron-Yaskawa dedicated solution for winding and unwinding applications providing a specific calculation of the torque reference and speed limit in torque control for rewinder inverter drives. It is the ideal solution for paper, textile, plastic and metal applications. Diameter compensation (with or without external sensor) can be applied Static and dynamic friction compensation Tension control by motor torque or real measurement Varispeed F7 supported inverter
A wide selection of models is available, including overtravel models with greater OT, lamp-equipped models for checking operation, low-temperature and heat-resistant models and micro-load models. Various plungers and levers are also available. Two-circuit limit switch Direct and pre-wiring Metal housing, immersion-proof IP67 Ground terminal models are approved by EN and IEC and bear the CE marking UL, CSA
Smoother movement in the head section of this two-circuit limit switch ensures that a mechanical life of 30,000,000 operations minimum is now a reality. Fluorescent indicators improve visibility when setting stroke zones. Improved resistance to abrasion, smoother movement in the head section Mechanical life of 30,000,000 operations minimum Wiring and replacement for maintenance purposes are easily done Fluorescent indicators improve visibility when setting stroke zones Immersion-proof IP67


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