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The M16 series of nut-mounted indicators comes in rectangular, square and round versions. Due to its modular construction, assembly is quick and easy. M16 comes in a wide variety of control and signal devices with a wide range of switching capacities, from general load to micro load. LED, incandescent and neon lamp Snap-in switch unit Short mounting depth, less than 28.5mm below panel High reliability, IP65 UL and CSA approved, conforms to EN60947-5-1
The M22 series of indicators comes in 22 or 25mm-diameter round versions. They can easily be mounted and removal of the socket unit is also easy. The finger-protection mechanism on the lamp is provided as a standard feature. M22 indicators can be equipped with an LED or incandescent lamp. Available in 5 colours Super-bright LEDs for all versions Lamp sockets with or without transformers UL and cUL approved
High-precision motion controller with multi-tasking G-Language programming. The MC module provides closed-loop control via analogue outputs for up to 4 axes and supports G-Language for advanced, high-speed, high-precision position control. Several modules can be supported per PLC CPU.
CS1 solution for advanced motion control. The MC402 is a PLC-based advanced motion controller. It controls 4 axes and up to 16 modules can be installed in the same PLC. The module controls the position speed or torque of the servo drive via an analogue output. This PLC-based condition opens the controller to the whole system.
30-axes advanced motion controller over MechatroLink-II Motion Bus. The MCH is a compact module that enables the development of advanced applications. It supports 30 real axes and 2 virtual axes. Its advanced motion includes e-cam, ELS and registration.
The MCW151 is a powerful servo-based controller. Complex motions such as cams, gears, linked axes and interpolation are made easy with a comprehensive BASIC command set.
Measurement Sensor
For the highest measurement performance on all kinds of surfaces and objects. The Smart Sensors are the answer for high speed, high resolution applications in any distance. The easy system integration assures a 'zero-defect process'.
The Microsoft Foundation Classes are a library of C++ classes for programming Windows applications.
Mini Contactor Relay
These modular configurations consist of main contactors plus additional contact blocks. Several contact configurations are possible. They can be mounted with screw fixing and snap fitting to a DIN-RAIL.
Mini Motor Contactor
The mini version of our series of motor contactors covers the range from 4kW up to 5.5kW. The modular system consists of main contactors plus auxiliary contact blocks and several contact configurations are possible.
The MK(S) series has proven to be exceptionally reliable since its introduction almost 50 years ago. In order to provide the same easy testing as our other relay families, the MK-S is equipped with a lockable test button offering the same function/operation as the MY(S) and G2R(S) families. 8-pin DPDT and 11-pin 3PDT contact types Switching current up to 10 A Lockable test button for easy testing Temperature rating from -40C up to 60C
Modbus Organisation
The Modbus Organization is a membership-based trade association of independent users and suppliers of automation devices. See Modbus Organisation website for more info.
Modular I/O
Modular I/O (input/ output) devices allow a large number of voltage, mA, temperature and digital signals to be monitored or controlled by a remote computer or PLC. Measurements are communicated using Modbus or ASCII protocols over Ethernet or RS485 to the remote computer.
Modular PLC Series
A PLC configuration in which each component is split into a separate unit. A modular PLC lets you have as many inputs and outputs as you want.
Motion Controller
Be it for standalone, PLC-based or servo-based motion controllers, Omron is the right choice. Offering programming simplicity without compromising on system performance from 1 to 256 axes. Functions like axis inrerpolation, master-slave, e-cam and multi-axis synchronisation over conventional I/Os or a robust digital servo-link are readily available.
The MP2100 is a high-performance motion controller based on Mechatrolink II motion bus. It can perform advanced motions such as e-cam, line synchronisation and multiple interpolation functions.
The MP2200 is a true system controller providing sequence, motion and process control. Analogue and digital command modules capable of controlling 256 axes of motion.
High-performance motion controller based on Mechatrolink II motion bus. The MP2300 is a compact, multi-axis machine controller that combines PLC sequencing and motion-control functions in one package.
MS4800 / MS2800
Our All-In-One concept for Safety light curtains provides simplicity in mounting, configuring, daily use and maintenance. All devices include external device monitoring (EDM), interlock/start/restart and multiplex optical channels – all selectable. Also with common wiring and installation for all types. Easy configuration via built in dip-switches under a front cover Integrated alignment tool Finger or hand protection (14 or 30mm resolution) Max operating range 7m & 20m respectively Type 2 or type 4 according to EN 61496 Advanced models for muting and blanking
Versatile plug-in relay that sets the standard Since they were first introduced, over 500 million of these mini power relays have rolled off the production line. This truly versatile relay has become the standard, bringing enhanced features and flexibility for more user-friendly installation, commissioning and operation. 10A (DPDT) and 5A (4PDT) contact types, gold-clad contacts (MY4) Mechanical and LED indication Push-to-test button - momentary and lockable Labelling facility Hermetically sealed (MYH) and latching (MY2K) and PCB types available
Fully hermetically sealed relay is ideal for usage in hazardous locations. It is also available with bifurcated contacts. 4PDT contact type 3A rated load Class 1 Division 2 approval Bifurcated contacts available to achieve very low minimum switching current
Magnetic latching relay ideal for memory- and data-transmission circuits Double-winding latch system that holds residual magnetism. The special magnetic materials make changes due to aging negligible, thus ensuring long continuous holding time. There is little change in characteristics such as contact follow, contact pressure, etc. throughout its long life. Magnetic latching relay DPDT contact type 3A rated load Excellent vibration/shock resistance Built-in operation indicator ensures easy ON/OFF operation monitoring


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