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CASE is a special software that provides solutions for customised applications. It gives a standard inverter the performance of a custom-made solution, allowing huge savings in hardware and increasing the overall system reliability.
CelciuXº is designed to handle complex temperature profiles thanks to Omron’s unique Gradient temperature Control (GTC) algorithm and to offer easy program-less communication with Omron and third-party PLCs and HMI. Above all, CelciuXº incorporates all “simple to use” clever temperature control technology, like 2-PID, disturbance control and various ways of tuning. Interfaces to a wide range of industrial networks Reduced engineering due to Programm-less communications, Smart Active Parts and Function Block Libraries Available with screw terminals and screw-less clamp terminals One unit handling various types of input, such as Pt, Thermocouple, mA, and V input Gradient Temperature Control
Abreviation for 'CompactFlash': type of memory card
Compact modular CJ1G and CJ1H PLCs offer the highest performance per volume in its class. See Product Info
The smallest members of the modular CJ1 family. See Product Info
New technology modular PLC family
Compact I/O
Compact remote I/O units combine a fixed number of I/O points in a space saving 1P20 housing. Built-in smart monitoring functions for voltage level, broken wire, actuator and cycle time will assist in planning preventive maintenance for machines and eliminating costly downtime. Smart slaves are available for the open DeviceNet and CompoNet networks.
Compact PLC CP Series
CP Series Compact PLCs, with integrated power supply and in- and outputs, range from the simple non expandable 10-point CPM1A controller, to the powerful CP1H. Equipped with a large instruction set to allow efficient programming, these controllers are ideal for small machine control. With their built-in high speed counter functions and pulse outputs, simple positioning or speed control applications can be handled with ease.
Compact micro-PLC with built-in high-speed counters and pulse outputs are ideal for multi-axis positioning control. See Product Info
The compact micro-PLC machine controller with 14, 20, 30, or 40 I/O built-in. See Product Info
Setting a standard for micro PLCs, the CPM1A packs all basic functions into a compact size. Four CPU sizes are available, each with a choice of AC or DC power, relay or transistor outputs. Select any combination of power supply, output, and the number of I/O points to meet your needs
Every CPM2A CPU comes equipped with an RS-232C interface as standard, e.g. to provide easy connection to a Programmable Terminal for fast and easy machine monitoring, setpoint adjustment, etc. Simple positioning with the pulse I/O function is another example of the many advanced functions and high added value that the CPM2A brings to compact machines. Removable terminal blocks ensure easy maintenance, and the CPM2A uses the same expansion I/O Units as the CPM1A for easy and economical sharing of system components.
The versatile slim-line controller. An extensive range of models ensures efficient machine control in an ultra-compact package. CPU Units are available with relay or transistor output, terminal block or various connector options, and an optional real-time clock function. Select the output type, number of I/O points and other specifications to meet your needs. Expansion I/O Units with 8 to 32 I/O points make it possible to configure a control system with a maximum of 192 I/O points.
A clear demonstration of how OMRON designs its PLC systems for a long life and guaranteed availability over an extensive period. The first CQM1 PLCs were released in 1993. The products you can buy today are more powerful and flexible, but still compatible with all early I/O units. Even the latest programming tools support the older models. All OMRON PLCs are a solid investment.
Crane Application Software
The Crane Application Software is the Omron-Yaskawa dedicated solution for Cranes applications. It customises the F7 inverter high-performance features to the specific software and hardware needs of Crane applications. Smooth operation thanks to jerk-control capabilities High motor torque and speed accuracy even at low speed Dedicated brake sequence and specific safety functionality Flexible overload/over-torque detections Load holding operation using "zero servo" function Varispeed F7 supported inverter
Combining the smart features of DRT2 DeviceNet I/O and the speed and ease of use of CompoBus/S, CompoNet is ideal for high-speed machine control with a flexible and expandable architecture. The special flat cable and IDC connectors make installation quick and easy. The use of repeaters allows wide-area networks with free topology, ideal for conveyor- and warehouse automation.
IP67 I/O offers a high degree of protection, but requires costly connection technology. CompoNet IP54 I/O offers an alternative with standard I/O connections, easy communication wiring with IDC connectors, all in a dust-proof and splash-resistant case. High-speed communication and flexible topology make it ideal for finely distributed control.
Omron's most extensive PLC family with a maximum capacity of 5120 'local' digital I/Os and extensive expansion units. See Product info
The Omron CS1W-CIF31 is a USB to serial conversion cable sold as an accessory to PLCs like CJ1M, CJ1G/H, CS1 etc to allow a PC with only USB ports to communicate via serial to PLCs.
Software package for writing runtime communication with controllers.
One Software package for configuration and programming of all Automation products. See the Product Page on our sales web site for more info.
CX-Server Lite
Software for writing runtime communication with devices using CX-Server. See the Product Page on our sales web site for more info.
CX-Server OPC
Software for connecting third party/multivendor software to Omron devices using CX-Server. See the Product Page on our sales web site for more info.
Virtual PLC for simulation and debugging of CS, CJ and CP PLCs. See Product info
PC based runtime HMI and supervisory software. See the Product Page on our sales website for more info.


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