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Pressure Sensors

How Is Pressure Indicated For E8Y Pressure Sensors?
The indication method slightly differs between E8Y-A1 and E8Y-A2/A5. E8Y-A1: Indicated as 000 Pa to 999 Pa below 1 kPa and, but changes to 1.00-kPa display above 1 kPa. E8Y
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Are Products Which Can Control Multiple Pressures From A Single Location Available?
The Pressure Sensor "E8MS/E8M Series" can display the pressure indications for four pressure sensors (four pressure generating locations) on a single panel and there
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If A Negative Pressure Is Applied To A Positive Pressure Sensor, May The Sensor Fail To Operate Properly?
If an absolute value of pressure is above a withstanding pressure,the sensor may be damaged. For example, when using the Digital Pressure Sensor "E8F2-A01C" a wi
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The Zero-Reset Function Of E8F2 Pressure Sensor Does Not Work. What's Causing This And What Can Be Done To Resolve It?
Cause: You may be using the E8F2 outside the measurement range. Countermeasure: Use the E8F2 within the measurement range.  
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What Is The Withstand Pressure Of Pressure Sensors?
Withstand pressure is the pressure that can be withstood for up to 30 s if the rated pressure range is exceeded. For example, the Withstand pressure for E8F2-A01C Pressure Sen
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Are Pressure Sensors Available That Can Measure Pressure Difference?
Yes, E8M-A1 Pressure Sensors and E8Y series can measure pressure difference. Example: Connect the larger absolute value to the positive (+) port. Using the E8M-A1 Differenc
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