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Ultrasonic Sensors

E4PA Ultrasonic Sensors Will Be Used To Detect Liquid Levels, But It Is Difficult To Move E4PA Up Or Down When Installing It. Is There An Easy Way To Set The Distance?
Using E4PA with the default settings is recommended. The rated minimum distance and rated maximum distance are already set. Setup can be completed simply by setting scaling fo
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How Long Can The Cable For An Ultrasonic Displacement Sensor Or Ultrasonic Sensor Be Extended?
E4PA Series Power/output cable (labeled as 2 and 3 below) must not be any longer than 10 m. Use a cable with conductor cross-section of at least 0.3 mm
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Which Ultrasonic Sensors Have A Long Detection Distance?
The E4PA Ultrasonic Displacement Sensor has a long detection distance. Details are provided below. Long sensing distance suits a variety of applications. A setting pl
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At The Maximum Sensing Distance Of The E4PA Ultrasonic Displacement Sensor, The Output Should Be 20 mA But Only 16 mA Is Output. What Is Causing This?
Liquid surfaces are not perfectly flat, therefore perfect reflection of the waves cannot be obtained. The linear output cannot reach its maximum value. To use the Sensor a
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What Sensing Objects Are Hardly Detected By The Ultrasonic Displacement Sensors And The Ultrasonic Sensors?
Since objects with extremely high sound absorbency (sound absorbing materials such as fresh snow and glass wool) do not produce reflected sound, they may not be detect
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How Far Away Must Surrounding Objects Be For Them Not To Affect The E4PA Ultra Sonic Displacement/Measuring Sensor?
As an example, if the sensing distance of the E4PA-LS400-M1 is set to 1 m, the following characteristics data shows that the spread of ultrasonic waves from the center of the
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What causes E4PA Ultra Sonic Displacement/Measuring Sensor A1 (Power Indicator, Green LED) And A2 (Error Indicator, Red LED) Indicators To Flash Alternately?
E4PA ultra sonic displacement measuring sensor A1 (Power Indicator, Green LED) and A2 (Error Indicator, Red LED) indicators flash alternately and the E4PA is not operating pro
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Are There Any Precautions For Using E4PA Ultra Sonic Displacement Sensor To Detect The Liquid Level In A Tank?
Make sure that the E4PA is far enough away from the walls. If the upper part of the tank is narrow (cylindrical), expose the sensing surface or make it into a hor
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Does The Temperature Of The Sensing Object Affect The Detection Ability Of The E4PA Ultra Sonic Displacement Sensor?
A temperature compensation circuit is built into the setting plug, but the output value varies with the temperature of the sensing object and the ambient temperature. (&plu
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If Coating Compositions And/Or Water Drops Adhere To The Surface Of Ultrasonic Sensors, Is The Operation Affected?
Yes, it is. Since the sensing distance becomes shorter than the rated sensing distance, the operation in this kind of environment cannot be recommended.
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What Is The Highest Ambient Temperature That The Ultrasonic Sensor Can Be Used In?
55 °C, but the power supply of E4R Ultrasonic Sensor Amplifier should not be used in an ambient temperature higher than 40 °C.    
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