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Fiber Optic Sensors

Which Hole Of The Amplifier Unit Can The Through-Beam Fiber Unit Be Inserted Into?
It makes no difference which hole it is inserted into, because there is no distinction between the two fibers for a Through-beam Fiber Unit. With Coaxial Diffuse-reflective
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When Using A Fiber Unit Mounted To A Movable Part, Are There Models That Are Less Affected By Repetitive Bending?
Seven models are recommended: E32-T11 Fiber Unit, E32-T21, E32-T22B, E32-D11, E32-D21, E32-D21B, and E32-D22B. (These have a bending radius of R4.) The allowable bending ra
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What's The Difference Between A Reflective Fiber Unit And A Coaxial Reflective Fiber Unit?
The sensing surfaces of the Fiber Units differ as shown below. Each is used for a different type of application.   The differences in the sensing methods are give
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Can A Photoelectric Sensor With An Optical Fiber Be Used In An Explosion-Proof Area?
Everything except the Amplifier Unit can be used in an explosion-proof area. Explanation: A Photoelectric Sensor with an Optical Fiber has no electrical parts, and ther
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