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What Happens To The Control Output When The Sensor Of E5C2 Temperature Controllers Fails?

The status of the control output depends on the type of Temperature Sensors and the type of error.

Temperature Sensor type Temperature Sensor error Control output
Thermocouple input Burnout OFF
Short-circuit ON if the set point is higher that the temperature
at the shorted section, OFF if it is lower.
Resistance thermometer Burnout of element or lead wire A OFF
Burnout of lead wire B ON
Burnout of lead wire A, B, and B (all three wires) ON
Short-circuit of element, lead wires A and B ON
Short-circuit of lead wires B and B Normal control but there is an error
Thermistor input Burnout ON
Short-circuit OFF

There is no way of sending notification of an input error to E5C2. Check the inputs if abnormal operation is detected.

Applicable models: E5C2

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