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Problem With Objects/Images On Buttons In 1.2 Version

In version 1.0 of CX Supervisor, all objects receive the mouse click even if they have no action. To put an object (an image for example) on a button of CX-Supervisor it is necessary to group them and apply the action to the group.

Version 1.1 of CX Supervisor was changed so that it was possible to put an object over a button of CX-Supervisor. While clicking on the image, the button behind was pushed as well giving the impression that they were reacting together as a group. In fact this function was not the CX Supervisor 1.1 specification and could have been considered as a non intentional bug. In version 1.2 this bug has been corrected.

Some customers were unsatisfied with the restored functionality so a modification has been made in version 1.22(4) and later of CX-Supervisor as described here:

An object with no actions (like a bitmap) can be prevented from trapping the mouse click, allowing objects (like buttons) to be clicked by Disabling the object - that is, by adding an "Enable" animation to the bitmap with an expression of just "FALSE". It then continues looking underneath for clickable objects, like the button.

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Created 2008-05-09
Modified 2008-11-28
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