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Why Can't I See All My Installed Controls In The Insert Object Dialog?

CX-Supervisor and other ActiveX containers use a standard "Insert Object" dialog that shows ActiveX objects that are installed and registered on the computer. On some systems (noteably running Windows 2000) this dialog may not correctly show the list of installed ActiveX controls.
Note: When deploying projects with ActiveX controls to another computer or IPC, you must make sure that any non Windows controls are installed and registered on the target platform. See also How Do I Install Windows Forms Controls? and How Do I Install the Visual Basic Date Picker Control?
How to use MS Forms 2.0 controls

If the MS Forms controls are properly installed, but not shown in the list then detach the attached .reg file, and double-click on it to add its registry settings to the PC. This will allow the Insert Object dialog to recognise the MS Forms 2.0 controls.

How to use other controls

Please see this document for full details of how to make the required registry settings for other controls such as those custom created with Visual Basic.



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