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Step by Step Downloading a Protocol Macro

Screenshots guiding the User through the download of a protocol macro onto a Serial Communication Unit to be used via PMCR instruction.
  • Create a connection between the PC and the PLC programming port.
  • Start CX-Protocol and open via pull-down-menu. File > Open the protocol.
  • Click the ‘plus’ [+] shown in front of the protocol-name to expand the protocol-list.

  • Right-click on the PLC and select in the menu "Edit PC-PLC Comm Settings"
  • Select the right PLC and communication protocol to the PLC.

  • Finalise by pressing "OK" . Right-click again the PLC and select "Connect To PLC". CX-Protocol should go 'online' with the PLC.
  • Check the list and select the SCU/SCB-unit. If this unit is not visible in the 'I/O-table', this table needs to be created: Right-click the PLC, select 'I/O-table', in the newly opened menu choose the pull-down menu: 'Options' then 'Create'. If you cannot select this your PLC needs to be switched to program-mode.

  • Click on 'Protocol List' and a new screen will be opened. In the column 'Target' select the right SCU/SCB as mentioned in the list underneath the PLC-CPU, open the fold-down menu by clicking the cell and select the target SCU/SCB.

  • After the right target(s) is selected, click again the 'Protocol List'. Select in the pull-down menu: 'Protocol' then 'Download Protocols'.

  • Click 'Compile' followed by 'Download', the protocols will be downloaded to the Serial Communication Unit/Board. If asked to set the PLC in 'Programming Mode' choose 'Yes'.

The Protocols are now loaded in the Serial Communication Unit/Board and are now ready to be used via the PMCR instruction.



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