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How Do I Interpret The Catalogue Values For Mutual Interference With Proximity Sensors?

Mutual Interference

Use Sensors with the same values as the following table or higher when they are mounted facing each other or in parallel.

Mutual interference catalogue values

Model Item M8 M12 M18 M30
DC 2-Wire Models

AC/DC 2-Wire Models
Shielded A 20 30 (20) 50 (30) 100 (50)
B 15 20 (12) 35 (18) 70 (35)
Unshielded A 80 120 (60) 200 (100) 300 (100)
B 60 100 (50) 110 (60) 200 (100)

Note:Values in parentheses apply to Sensors operating at different frequencies.

The values listed above are given in the precautions section of the catalogue. Dimensions A and B are specified by the way in which the Proximity Sensors are arranged. If a gap cannot be provided between the Proximity Sensors, they can be used close together up to the catalog values in parentheses by using a standard model in combination with a model that has a different frequency.

Note:Two of the Sensors with a different frequency cannot be used near each other. Leave a gap of at least the value not in parentheses.

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