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What Types Of Reflection Heads Are Available For Each Surface Characteristic Of Sensing Objects?

Defuse Reflection: Since the surface is evenly rough, the light uniformly reflects diffusely, Reflecting Lights are uniformly distributed in all directions.

Recommended models
Diffuse Reflective Type Sensor Heads:
ZX-LD40 (Diffuse Reflective Model)
ZX-LD100 (Diffuse Reflective Model)
ZX-LD300 (Diffuse Reflective Model)

Regular Reflection (Mirror):
Reflecting lights are reflected at an equal angle to emitting lights. They are not reflected in other directions.

Recommended models:
Regular Reflective Type Sensor Heads:
ZX-LD30V (Regular Reflective/Spot Beam Model)
ZX-LD30VL(Regular Reflective/Line Beam Model)

Defuse Reflection (Metal):
Defuse Reflection (Metal):
Recommended models:
Line Beam Type Sensor Heads:
ZX-LD40L (Diffuse Reflective/ Line Beam Model)
ZX-LD100L (Diffuse Reflective/ Line Beam Model)
ZX-LD300L (Diffuse Reflective/ Line Beam Model)
ZX-LD300L (Diffuse Reflective/ Line Beam Model)

Transparent Body:
The following range of sensor heads is available for sensing the transparent body other than the Smart Sensors.

Sensor Heads for measuring the transparent body
Regular Reflective Type CCD Displacement Sensors "Z4M-T30V/T30V2 Series"
High-precision Laser Profiling System "Z300 Series"

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