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What Substitute Products Are Recommended For OA-5 Or OA-5N Through-Beam Photoelectric Sensors With Built-In Power Supply?

  • 1.They depend on the specific model of OA-5 or OA-5N. Check using the following table.

    Connection method Control output relay Discontinued model (See note 1.) Recommended
    substitute model
    (See note 2.)
    Emitter Receiver Combination
    Pre-wired General load OA-5L OA-5D OA-5 E3JK-5M2 See note 3.
    Terminal block General load OA-5LN OA-5DN OA-5N E3JK-10M4
    Microload OA-5LN OA-5DNC OA-5NC E3JK-10M4

    1.Through-beam Photoelectric Sensors are used in a combination with an emitter and receiver, and so the model for each is given for discontinued models. If either the emitter or receiver of Through-beam Photoelectric Sensors are damaged, receivers and emitters for other series cannot be used together.

    2.For recommended substitute products, the model numbers are given only for combinations of emitter and receiver.

    3.The dimensions and other factors depend on Sensors. Refer to the following comparison overview.

  • 2.Comparison Overview for OA-5/OA-5N and E3JK/E3JM
    Item OA-5 or OA-5N E3JK or E3JM Remarks
    Connection method OA-5: Pre-wired (standard length: 30 cm)
    OA-5N: Terminal block
    E3JK: Pre-wired (standard length: 2 m)
    E3JM: Terminal block
    Sensor dimensions OA-5: 72 x 51 x 72 (H x W x D)
    OA-5N: 72 x 51 x 75 (H x W x D)
    E3JK: 50 x 18 x 50 (H x W x D)
    E3JM: 65 x 25 x 75 (H x W x D)
    See note 1.
    L bracket mounting
    hole pitch
    OA-5: 42 mm
    OA-5N: 32 mm (or 42 mm)
    E3JK: 42 mm
    E3JM: 42 mm
    Power supply voltage 100/200 VAC 24 to 240 VAC  
    Control output
    (R load)
    Regular load: 200 AC, 0.3 to 1.5 A
    Microload: 200 AC, 0.01 to 0.3 A
    5 VDC, 10 mA to 250 AC, 3A  
    Operation mode Dark-ON E3JK: Depends on the model (relay output)
    E3JM: Switch selectable
    See note 2.

    1.The mounting hole for the L bracket may be used as is for some models. In other cases, however, the mounting hole may need to be changed to adjust the light axis because of Sensors dimensions, in particular, narrowed width of the light emitting/receiving surface, which will misalign the light axis.
    2.The operation mode refers to whether Sensors turn ON when light is received or when light is interrupted. A dark-ON E3JK-5M2 has been selected, but for E3JK Sensors with relay output, the operation mode depends on the model. E3JM is used with the internal switch set to dark-ON.

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