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Can Other Models Of Reflectors Be Used With Retroreflective Photoelectric Sensors Instead Of The Supplied Reflectors?

Yes, these Reflectors can be used: E39-R1, E39-R1S, E39-R2, E39-R3, E39-R9, E39-R10, E39-RS1, E39-RS2, and E39-RS3.

However, this does not apply to Photoelectric Sensors for detecting transparent objects (E3Z-B, E3S-R, E3S-CR62/67, E32-R21 and E32-R16) or to the E3T.


The following table gives the sensing distances for the Reflectors listed above.
Example: E3Z

Reflector Sensing distance
E39-R1 3 m
E39-R1S 4 m
E39-R2 5 m
E39-R3 1.5 m
E39-R9 2.5 m
E39-R10 3.5 m
E39-RS1 700 mm
E39-RS2 1.1 m
E39-RS3 1.4 m
Note:Tape Reflectors (E39-RS1, E39-RS2, and E39-RS3) can be used cut to the desired size.

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