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What Role Does The Slit Play For Through-Beam Photoelectric Sensors And How Is It Used?

The Slit is mounted on the transmitter and receiver of Through-beam Photoelectric Sensors to decrease the lens diameter and narrow the light beam. This is done to increase the sensing performance for even the smallest detectable object.


One set of two Slits for the transmitter and receiver is generally used, mounted to the transmitter and receiver of a Through-beam Photoelectric Sensor. It is also possible, however, to use a Slit on only either the transmitter or the receiver, depending on the sensing distance and the size of the sensing object.

Slits, however, cannot be used on Reflective Photoelectric Sensors (e.g., Retroreflective, Diffuse-reflective, Convergent-reflective, or Distance-settable Sensors).

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