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Setting Up Data Logging On CX-Supervisor

This tutorial is intended to provide an overview of setting up CX-Supervisor to log data to,
  • Data Log Viewer
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access

It will cover the following,
  • Starting new projects in CX-Supervisor
  • Adding points and data sets
  • Changing the value of points
  • Opening files in the Data Logging Folder
  • Opening the Data Log Viewer
  • Viewing boolean point trace
  • Opening the Data Log Viewer with a script command
  • Using the export tool to Excel
  • Using the script command to export to Excel
  • Using the database tab and defining fields
  • Adding a database link

Please see the attached tutorial pdf file.


TechNote_Data_Logging.pdf - Size: 1937451

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Created 2008-12-05
Modified 2014-02-03
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