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Connection Of CelciuXº To Siemens S7-300

This tutorial is intended as an overview of programless connecting of CelciuXº to the Siemens S7-300 PLC.

Components used:
• EJ1N-TC__-__
• EJ1N-HFU_-___
• 24 Volt Supply
• E58-CIFQ1
• S7-300 PLC
• Renu GWY-00-B or GWY-S7
• Renu GWY-3.11 software + EJ1N-GWY-3.11 update
(available in the product db)
  • Connect the CelciuXº using the procedure described in “Connection to CX Thermo via USB port”. Execute Set-up for EJ1
  • Connect the PC to the Siemens PLC and execute Set-up for S7-300
  • Connect the PC to the GWY to program the gateway. Execute Set-up for GWY
  • After set-up, connect the PLC, Gateway and CelciuXº
    CelciuX° can communicate OMRON NT-LINK via RS232 or RS485.
    Below you will find the RS232 connection:
    Note: for RS232 communication dipswitch 8 has to be “ON” at the HFU.

    RS232 connection
    If you use a standard GWY-00-B, the driver for NT-Link must be manually added.
    If you use the specific GWY-S7, the driver is already included but a separate 5 VDC
    supply has to be included in de wiring to power the GWY unit.
    In the case of GWY-00-B it can use the standard 24 VDC supply for power.
    In the case of GWY-S7 power must be supplied via the 9 PIN D-Type and communications pins connected appropriately

    Pin connections


• CelciuXº (EJ1N-HFU__):
  • If not already done, connect PC to the HFU via E58-CIFQ1 USB cable
  • Start CX-Thermo, select the programless communications editor
  • Define the parameters. (example: DM0000 to DM0005 & DM1000 to DM1005).

    Defining the parameters
  • Download the parameters to the EJ1.
  • Write down the DM registers range used in your Ej1 project.

• Siemens S7-300 PLC
  • Always define MPI address 2, 187500 baud.
  • Define on your PLC which addresses are to be used. (MW registers are always present. DBx.DBW. have to be created.)
  • Program consecutive addresses, preferably in the same order as the EJ1 project.
  • GWY-00-B
  • Install RENU GWY 3.11
    (can be freely downloaded from RENU website (
  • Unzip the “update for EJ1 on” to its respective folders.
    (this update file can be find only in the product database at the moment)
  • Start “Gateway 3.11.EXE”
  • Select the “GWY-00”
  • Select in the left column ‘Siemens S7-300 series PLC’ and the model you have.
    (if model is not available select the ‘generic (gen) PLC’)
  • Select in the right column “NT Link”
    (if not present the update has not been zipped successfully)


    Use GWY software to setup two blocks for reading and writing parameters
  • Select configure

  • In the first line above you can see the mapping made for the 6 consecutive words (read) DM0000 to DM0005 being mapped to MW000 (to MW010)
    This means that:
    DM0000  MW000
    DM0001  MW002 etc.
  • To add second line click “add-new” (bottom of screen, see image below).
  • Define the 6 words to write DM1000-DM1005 (MW100-MW110)
  • If you have mapped (aligned) the DM registers to the PLC registers we will need to map the communications parameters still

  • Press PLC 1 set. These are the Siemens parameters. Nothing needs to be changed.
  • Press PLC2 set. Set Baudrate to the match baudrate selected in EJ1.
    Press OK.
  • From here your program is ready and can be downloaded in to the GWY-00B
  • Connect the programming cable to your GWY (com1) and to the com port of your PC.
  • Press download
  • On next screen press “select all “ and select the used comport of your PC.
  • Press download again and confirm the generated message.
  • You will now see that the program will start a sequence in downloading, firmware, drivers and project. (do not disconnect or power-down)
  • After download , restart the GWY-00B
  • Now connect the EJ1 to PLC2 side and Siemens to PLC 1
  • Restart the PLC and CelciuXº

Your EJ1 is now connected to the MPI bus of Siemens.
  • Set the read-demand-flag MW100 (DM1000) to “2” to start the communication
  • Read the process value (PV) from unit #1 loop 1+2 in MW008 and MW010
  • To Change set value (SV) for unit #1 loop 1+2 set the required values in MW108 (DM1004) and MW110 (DM1005) AND set MW102 (DM1001) to “1” to force the setting change.
  • Details can be found in the EJ1N User Manual H142


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