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CP1L Connection

This tutorial is intended to give an overview of connecting CelciuXº to CP1L (serial CompowayF)

Components used:
• EJ1N-TC__-__
• 24 Volt Supply
• CJ1W-CIF11
CP1L and USB cable to program the PLC
• E58-CIFQ1 for configuration of CelciuXº

Assumption: CX-One with drivers for CP1L and EJ1 (CelciuXº) are on the PC
  • Setting the CJ1W-CIF11: Set the dip switches as follows
    SW2 Description
    1 ON: Terminator connected.
    2 ON: 2-wire method
    3 ON: 2-wire method
    4 Not used.
    5 OFF: No RS control of RD (continual reception)
    6 ON: RS control of SD
  • Connect the CJ1W-CIF11 (RS485 port) to the B port of the EDU.

  • (Optional) Connect EJ1 with PC / CX-Thermo with the E58-CIFQ1 cable and adjust the “Comm. Port B” settings, defaults are 9K6bps, 7-E-2
    Assumption: CP1L is just out of the box and has its default settings.
  • Connect PC to PLC using a USB cable and create the network
    a) Start CX-Integrator (new project) and select ‘auto on-line’
    b) Select “USB connection” and click
    c) Double click CPU port.. in left bottom window, select Port2 and CompowayF

    d) Click [TRANSFER] select range 0 – 0 and Click [OK]

    e) [OK] the “Cannot acquire the Slave node” message
    f) Double click the PLC and make these settings: “PLC setup (custom)” and
    “serial gateway”, the others should match the CelciuXº settings.

    g) Transfer the new settings to the PLC with the 'Transfer PC to unit' button' > [YES] (PLC must be in Monitor or Stop mode!)
    h) Right click “CPU port” and transfer [Network to PC], click [transfer], select a wider range which include the node numbers of the CelciuXº units.

    Network setup and connection complete.
  • Open CX-Thermo to set-up the CelciuXº Temperature Controller
    Right click the TC unit, start dedicated tool, start with settings inherited

    CX-Thermo starts with the correct TC unit template, don’t forget to upload the TC parameters from the TC unit first, if the TC unit is already configured!!
  • Example how to read some parameters from the CelciuXº into the PLC

Open CX-Programmer from CX-Integrator and select “off-line” mode.
Insert the desired function blocks from the library (like the _EJ1N202_ReadPV)
Insert the function block in the ladder like in the example above

Note: (read the FB help file for details)
The UnitSelect should be set to #FFFF
When using the CPU-comms In the CJ1/CP1L-M: PortNo = &2
Set TCNo and ChannelNo according to need
PV gives the current measured value in the select TC# and Channel#

Note: Connection with CJ1 works exactly the same.

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