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Connection Of CelciuXº With Profibus Gateway

This tutorial is intended as an overivew of connecting CelciuXº to Profibus Gateway and Profibus Master.

Components used:
• EJ1N-TC__-__
• 24 Volt Supply
• E58-CIFQ1
• CJ1W-PRM21
• PRT1-SCU11 (v2.1)


  • Configure the gateway for two wire RS485 comms and set the termination resistor if the gateway is at the beginning of the daisy chain. Note the TC module addresses.

    Switch 1, ON and Switch 2 ON if terminator required.
  • Make the following connection

  • Wire the Profibus accordingly and setup the Profibus address according to the network.
  • Use CX Profibus to set up the Profibus Master.

    Slot No corresponds to the Compoway/F Node number. Unused node numbers must be filled with an “empty” entry in the slots
    Definition of Basic and Extended blocks are as below

  • All other functions will have to be performed using the free function blocks where a Compoway/F message is constructed.
  • Change the Mode of the Master to Operate via CX Profibus or CIO bit in the PLC

  • Configuration of the TCs using CX Thermo can be done either via the USB cable or using the peripheral port of the gateway unit. The cable for this is the standard CS1W-CN226. Dip switch 4 has to be set when the peripheral port is used to stop the Profibus messages during configuration process.

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