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Setting Up Wavecom GSM Modem

This tutorial is intended as a supplement to the User manuals. Therefore, only use it to familiarise yourself with the product and not as a complete guide to installation.
Product Information

The setup and cabling usied for Wavecom GSM modems is provided by Last Mile Communications to Omron PLC system.

The cable between the PC and the Wavecom GSM modem

Consists of 1 x 15pin d-sub male plug (high density type) (modem side) and 1 x 9 pin d-sub female plug (PC side).
The cable is configured as follows:

PC side Wavecom side
1 1
2 6
3 2
4 8
5 9
6 7
7 12
8 11

Setting up the Wavecom GSM modem from the hyper terminal:

Connect the modem to the PC using the cable. Then, from the hyper terminal, select the direct link to the attached communications port.
The Wavecom GSM modem is set for 8 databit, 1 stopbit, no parity as the default.

To set up the GSM modem to communicate to an Omron PLC use the following commands: (Use capital letters (Caps Lock))
ATS0 = 2 Answers after 2 rings
AT & C0 Platform Wave on
AT + CBST = 7,0,0 Transparent mode
ATQ1 not result code
AT & W Stores layout

The cable between the GSM modem and the PLC:

Consists of 1 x 9pin d-sub female plug (PLC side) and 1 x 15pin d-sub male plug (high density type) (modem side). The cable configuration is as follows:

PLC Wavecom
2 2
3 6
9 9
scarf scarf
4-5 7-8

Sending SMS from a PLC via the GSM Modem

Connect to the GSM modem with the hyper terminal.
Type AT + CSCA = +4790002100  Enters Telenor SMS center number
Enter AT & W0
Enter AT & W1
Save this number into the modem.

To send the SMS message send the following command to the GSM modem:
AT + CMGS = 90118569 (Phone number to the receiver and then) CR
Text string (end with) ctrl + z (Ascii code 26 (1A Hex))
The message will now be sent.

It is possible to build this up so that the receipt (OK) can be read from the modem.


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