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Drives For The PC

Product Information
There are a number of tools for programming and monitoring drives from the PC. An overview of the requirements are laid out in the table below.
Drive Series Cable Interface Software
MV/RV/PV V7/E7/F7 3G3IV-PCN329-E Not necessary CX-Drive
JV J7 3G3IV-PCN329-E 3G3JV-PSI232JC CX-Drive
IV/SV 3G3IV-RS232C-9 Not necessary Software not available
EV 3G3IV-RS232C-9 3G3EV-PJVOP122A CX-Drive
XV 3G3IV-RS232C-9 3G3XV-PJVOP112A Software not available
FV/HV G5 3G3FV-PCNDW225N Not necessary CX-Drive


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