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Connecting a PC To NS Via CS/CJ PLC

This tutorial is intended as a supplement to the original manuals for the products. Therefore, use this as a means to familiarise yourself with the product, and not as a guide for a complete installation. The information in the tutorial is taken from the manual (s):
  • W073 NS Programming Manual
  • W083 NS Setup Manual
Downloading a program to NS via CS/CJ PLC 

It is possible to transfer a program to the NS-screen via the communication ports of the PLC.
  • Start up CX-Programmer, Work Online and go into the Settings for the serial ports.
  • If you're connecting the NS to a CS1/CJ1 PLC Peripheral port, use cable NT-CN221 and set the Peripheral port on the PLC for NT Link 1: N 115200k and also set DIP switch SW4 = ON. If you're connecting the NS a CS1/CJ1/CJ2 PLC Hostlink(RS232) port, use cable XW2Z-200T and set the Hostlink port on the PLC for NT Link 1: N 115200k and also set SW5 = OFF.
  • Go into the system menu on the NS and set 1: N NTLink High Speed port A or B as appropriate.
  • Select Transfer in NS-Designer and Comms. Method
NS Designer comms method screen



Check the Pass through PLC box.

Make sure the settings between the PC and PLC are correct. Use the Toolbus 115200k.


In (2)Comms Method you must select the same as you did in NS-panel.


Note: CP Family PLCs do not support this function.


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