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Is The G3PB Solid State Relay Certified For Finger Protection?

The protection grade of enclosure is the IP-rating (IEC60529).

The G3PB has an IP-rating of IP40 certified by VDE. Therefore, the G3PB is certified to a severer condition than finger protection (finger protection is IP2X).
IP2 = Protected against solids up to 12mm e.g. accidental touch by the fingers.
IP4 = Protected against solids over 1mm e.g. tools and small wires.

The 2nd number (digit X) is a wild card and is used depending on the product. Here, the 2nd number is for protection against ingress of water, and the G3PB is not applicable to this so it is '0'.

However depending on the person judging the safety on a machine or in a factory, they could decide that a product/installation is not suitable for their environment and may ask for better/different methods to comply (even though legally they meet the requirements).

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Created 2008-11-12
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