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Alternative For The MK3PD-5-S AP3 24DC

The alternative for the MK3PD-5-S AP3 24DC relay (with gold clad) is the MK3PD-5-S 24DC (without gold clad).
The gold plating or gold clad on the MK3PD-5-S AP3 24DC is not for improving low current switching, but for protecting the contact.
Gold plating or gold clad is also not effective for improving inherent reliability(RI). But the gold plating or gold clad might be effective in maintaining reliability(Ru).

The effectiveness of the gold plating for maintaining reliability(Ru) depends on the using condition of the relay and the operating environment. 
Under certain conditions, even though the contact is gold plating or gold clad contact, it does not have a great effectiveness.

The perception of using gold (better conductor) is that lower currents can be switched and yes this is correct, but as the gold is so small (3 microns thick), depending on the conditions of use it won't last long.

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Created 2008-11-12
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