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How Does IEC 61058 Apply Where E/E/PE Technology Makes Up Only A Small Part Of The Safety-Related System?

IEC 61508 is applicable to any safety-related system that contains an E/E/PE device.

This applicability is appropriate because many requirements, particularly in IEC 61508-1, are not technology specific. Indeed, early development phases (such as initial concept, overall scope definition, hazard and risk analysis and specifying the overall safety requirements) may take place before the implementation technology has been decided.

Even during later phases such as realisation, specific functional safety requirements apply directly to non-E/E/PE devices, such as mechanical components, as well as E/E/PE devices. For example, the requirements for hardware reliability and fault tolerance in IEC 61508-2 directly relate to the properties of all components in the E/E/PE safety-related system, whether or not they include E/E/PE technology.

Forlow complexity E/E/PE safety-related systems, it is possible to comply with IEC 61508 while not meeting every requirement of the standard.

This text contains extracts from the IEC Functional Safety Zone. All such extracts are copyright of International Electrotechnical Commission © 2005, IEC, Geneva, Switzerland. All rights reserved. IEC has no responsibility for the placement and context in which the extracts are reproduced. This notice takes precedence over any general copyright statement.



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