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C200HE I/O Unit Over Alarm

This may be caused by some kind of error in I/O addressing as follows:
  • Two or more Special I/O Units are set to the same unit number or two or more Group-2 High-density I/O Units are set to the same I/O number or I/O word.
    Perform an I/O Table Read operation to check unit numbers, and eliminate duplications. (High-density I/O Units other than Group-2 are Special I/O Units, too.)
  • The I/O number of a 64-pt Group-2 High-density I/O Unit is set to 9.
    Set unit numbers of 64-pt Group-2 High-density I/O Units to numbers other than 9.
  • Two SYSMAC NET Link or SYSMAC LINK Units share the same operating level.
    Check the SYSMAC NET Link and SYSMAC LINK Unit operating levels and eliminate duplications.

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