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What Is The Difference Between Methods To Use A Terminating Resistor Attached To The T-branch Tap Or A Terminal Block Style Terminating Resistor Of The DeviceNet?

It differs by whether the T-branch Tap "DCN1-1C" and/or "DCN1-3C" is located within 6m or more than 6m far from a node of the main line.

If it is located within 6m from a node of the main line, a supplied terminating resistor can be attached to the T-branch Tap.

If it is located more than 6m far from a node of the main line, a terminating resistor must be attached to the end of the node.

In this case, the T-branch Tap fitted with a terminating resistor or the Terminal Block style terminating resistor DRST-1 must be connected. The maximum cable length between the node and the terminating resistor is 1m.

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