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How Can I Import I/O Comments That Were Created With The CX-Programmer FA Integrated Tool Package Into The NT-ZJCMX1-EV4 NT Support Tool?

Use the following procedure to import CX-Programmer I/O into the NT Support Tool.

Steps Prior to Reading I/O Comments:

  • In the CX-Programmer, open the ladder program containing the I/O comments that you want to read. Select File - Save As and save the program in the CXT file format.
  • Click the Window's Start Button in the lower-left corner of the screen, open the folder containing the CX-Programmer Program folder, and select the File Conversion Utility to start the utility. (The utility may be in a different folder if another folder was specified during installation.)
  • In the File Conversion Utility, open the CXT program file that was created in step 1, and select Convert - Convert Symbol Table File.
  • Specify a file name and save the file as a text file. The I/O comments will be written to the specified text file as tab-delimited text.

Steps in the NT Support Tool:

  • In the NT Support Tool, select Tools - Import I/O Comments.
  • Set the file type to CX-PIO Comments (Tab Delimited) (*.txt) or All Files (*.*), select the I/O comment file (tab-delimited text file) that was created in step 4 above, and click the OK Button. The I/O comments will be imported.

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