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Which Cable Can I Use To Transfer The Screen Data Or System Program?

1. IBM PC/AT or Compatible (Including NEC PC-98NX)

Method 1: Use the XW2Z-S002 (cable length: 2 m)
Male D-sub 9-pin and Female D-sub 9-pin

Method 2: Use the CV500-CN228 (cable length: 2 m) and a commercially available adaptor for a PC-980-series computer and IBM PC/AT or compatible.

2. PC-980-series Computers (Except NX)

(1)Half-pitch 14-pin Computer Port
Use the CV500-CN228 (cable length: 2 m) and the XW2Z-S001 (Conversion Cable) or a commercially available PC-9800-series computer half-pitch 14-pin/D-sub 25-pin adapter.
(2)D-sub 25-pin Computer Port
Use the CV500-CN228 (cable length: 2 m).


CV500-CN228 Specifications

Male D-sub 9-pin and Male D-sub 25-pin
For PC-9800-series computers except NX

XW2Z-S001 Specifications

Female D-sub 25-pin and Male half-pitch 14-pin
For PC-9800-series notebook computers except NX

Regardless of the type of Support Software (NS-Designer, NT-series Support Tool, etc), the above cables/adapters can be combined and used. (The screen design software may be for the IBM PC/AT or compatible machines or PC-9800-series computer.)

If the cable specifications are different, a timeout error may be displayed on the computer or it may require a long time to transfer data, or transfer may cease halfway. Refer to the appendix of the support software operation manual for the internal wiring of cables. The cables that connect the Programmable Terminals and host Programmable Controller have different wiring.

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