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In CS1-series PLCs, can CS1W-BI[][]3 Expansion Backplane Be Connected To CS1W-BC[][]2 CPU Backplane? Can CS1W-BI[][]2 Expansion Backplane Be Connected To CS1W -BC[][]3 CPU Backplane?

No, the compatible Expansion Backplane for CS1W-BC[][]2 CPU Backplane is CS1W-BI[][]2.

C200H PLC Units cannot be mounted to CS1W-BI[][]3 Expansion Backplane.

When using CS1W-BC[][]3 CPU Backplane, CS1W-BI[][]3 Expansion Backplane can be used. CS1W-BI[][]2 Expansion Backplane cannot be used.

As explained above, there are specific Expansion Backplanes that are compatible each type of CPU Backplane. If you need to mount C200H Units, you will need to use the proper combination of Backplanes.
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