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What Is The Difference Between The Binary And BCD Forms Of Math Instructions?

The Internal Code of Math Instructions

When using CX-Programmer FA Integrated Tool Package, as shown in the ladder program in Figure 1, both BINARY ADD instructions and BCD ADD instructions can be input and displayed in decimal form. The data conversion function of CX-Programmer makes this possible. You can see by looking at the internal code in the Watch Window in Figure 1 or the numeral data in Figure 2, that the internal code processed by the CPU Unit is actually binary.
Display monitor for PCM
The BINARY ADD instructions can handle a range of values 3.27 times that of the BCD ADD instructions.

Choosing an Instruction: Checkpoint 1
As previously described, the internal code for the instructions is either binary or BCD format. The value ranges for the instructions are shown in Table 1.

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