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Why Does A Communication Error Occur When CX-Programmer FA Integrated Tool Package Goes Online With A PLC?

Possible causes:
  • Power Management is not disabled at BIOS setting.
    RS-232C is activated by the power from DC-DC converter sourced at 5vdc for a Personal Computer.
    Notebook PCs' default setting is to disable DC-DC converter in order to maximize the battery life.
    When the COM port is used, the power management has to be disabled.
  • Power management at Windows control panel is not set therefore power is not always supplied.
  • Set to use Active Desktop function.
    Active desktop function uses overlay memory and therefore the CPU load is consumed.
  • Screen saver is being used.
    RS232C operation may be delayed when screen saving starts.
  • Virus check software is running on the machine.
    The latest virus check software always checks the data from the serial port. This may cause a timeout.

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Created 2008-11-05
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