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Are There Any Cables Available To Connect The PLC Or The Programmable Terminal (PT) To A Personal Computer's USB Port?

Use the D-sub to USB-serial conversion cable.
This cable can connect the PLC "SYSMAC", Programmable Terminal "NT/NS Series", or Programmable Relay "ZEN" to a personal computer's USB port.

Model Number


Compatible Software Applications

Software applications using the CX-Server or Fins Gateway to communicate with the PLC

The following software applications are also compatible.
CX-Programmer, CX-Simulator, CX-Protocol, CX-Motion

CX-Position, CX-Process, DeviceNet Configuration Tool

DAIKANYAMA 32, NS-Designer, Windows Version of NT Support Tool (NTST)

*There are Communications (COM) port limitations with the NT Support Tool.

ZEN Support Software (Ver.3.0 and later)

The following OMRON PLCs, Programmable Terminals and Programmable Relays which are supported by the compatible software applications


CS/CJ Series, C Series (C200HS, C200HE/HG/HX, C200H/C1000H/2000H, CQM1, CPM1, CPM1A, CPM2A, SRM1, CQM1H, SPM2C), CVM1/CV Series

Programmable Terminal

NS Series, NT Series

Programmable Relay


Connector specifications

Personal Computer side: USB (A plug connector, male)

PLC side: RS-232C (D-sub 9-pin, male)

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