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How Can A PLC Be Connected To A Personal Computer?

There are many methods to write a program to connect to a controller from a PC. It is possible to program the communications and protocols directly. You will need knowledge of COM port functions (serial) or Winsock functions (Ethernet) plus details of the communications protocols e.g. FINS, CIP, Toolbus SPMA, Host Link etc. Writing a full communications driver however can be a large development task and the use of a ready made package is advised. CX-Server Lite and CX-Compolet are 2 Omron products designed especially for this task, or you can use an OPC server (available from both Omron and third parties).
Features CX-Server Lite CX-Compolet*
Connect to CJ Series
Connect to NJ Series
Serial connection
Ethernet connection
EthernetIP (EIP) connection
Access EIP tags
Reuse CX-Programmer CDM file
Graphical ActiveX controls
Using Excel
Using Visual Basic
Using Visual C++
Using .NET
Note: CX-Compolet includes SYSMAC Gateway to perform the communication functions and protocols.
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