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When I Send And Receive Data With Protocol Macros, Occasionally The Data Header Is Not Received Properly. Why?

If the device that you are connected to using protocol macros has a fast processing time (the time the data is received until the time the data is returned), the protocol macro may not be able to receive all of the data.
When using protocol macros, some time is necessary after sending data from the PLCs before the PLCs will be able to receive data.

Refer to the following data; the values are guidelines.

CS1W-SCB21/41-V1 Communications Board, CS1W-SCU21-V1 Communications Unit, or CJ1W-SCU21/41 Communications Unit


C200HW-COM04-V1 to 06-V1 Communications Board, or CQM1H-SCB41 Communications Board

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Created 2008-11-04
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