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When I Turn OFF Power Supplies To CPU Units, Remove PLC, And Then Turn ON Power Supplies Again, CPU Units Do Not Enter RUN Mode. Why?

Sometimes if a C200H-PRO27-E PLC is connected to a CQM1H PLCs peripheral port whilst running the CPU Unit in MONITOR mode and the power is turned OFF to the CPU Units power supply with the removal of the  Programming Console the CPU Units do not enter RUN Mode when the power is switched back ON.

If you turn OFF power supplies to CPU Units while the pin 7 on the DIP switch on the front of CPU Units are OFF, CPU Units will enter PROGRAM Mode when power supplies are turned ON again.

Therefore, be sure to turn OFF the power to the CPU Unit with pin 7 on the DIP switch turned ON. Alternatively, you can set the operating mode in Programmable Controllers Setup to enter RUN Mode (set DM6600 to 0202) when power supplies are turned ON.




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Created 2008-10-31
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