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How To Use 'Target Settings' In CX-Supervisor

CX-Supervisor Development Package allows you to change the type of runtime you create. CX-Supervisor Developer is always the same whether you are creating an Machine Edition (ME) or a PLUS application - it is controlled by this setting and the runtime dongle you are using.

When you change between the different target settings, CX-Supervisor will examine your application and check if it is possible to change the target. If there is anything you need to consider, you will be shown in the Output box.

Once you have changed the setting, you must rebuild the runtime application, it will now work on your chosen target - you must have the correct runtime dongle installed to be able to run your application.

Backwards compatibility: When loading old projects CX-Supervisor can also set the target to be older versions of runtime (e.g. 2.0 and 3.0). This allows you to use the latest Development package to modify an application running with an older runtime.  Note that the target 1.3 runtime requires the 1.33 Runtime to be installed - patch freely available.
See the following article for information on a limitation with CX-Supervisor v3.1: Why Can't CX-Supervisor 3.1 Developer Create A Working Project For CX-Supervisor 3.0 ME?

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Created 2008-05-09
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