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Why Am I Prompted To Insert The Microsoft Office 2000 CD? - CX-Drive

When accessing areas within the CX-Drive the user is prompted to install a Microsoft Office feature by inserting the Microsoft Office CD. One area where this may arise is within the Parameter Editor.

It happens on Office 2000 Premium, Office 2000 Professional, Office 2000 Standard and Office 2000 SBE
It will not happen on MS Office XP / or components of Office XP.

The user is asked to insert the Microsoft Office CD so he or she may access the Dynamic HTML Edit control. This issue is related to the options selected when MS Office was installed on the computer. During an installation of Office 2000, the HTML Source Editing feature is set to Install on First Use. If the user browses to a Web page that uses the DHTML Edit control, or runs a program that uses the DHTML Edit control (such as a custom Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications program), the Windows Installer starts to install the HTML Source Editing feature. This is because the DHTML Edit control uses the Triedit.dll file, which is part of the Office 2000 HTML Source Editing feature. When the program calls the Triedit.dll file, the Windows Installer is started in order to perform the "install on demand" installation for the HTML Source Editing feature.

There are 3 ways of solving this problem:
  • Insert the Office 2000 CD-ROM when prompted and it will find the file on the disc and do it's job.
  • Go to "add/remove programs" in the control panel, and choose MS Office. Select "Add or remove features" and go to "Office Tools + HTML Source Editing". Either select option "Run from My Computer" or choose "Not available".
  • You can manually set this option to "Not available" using the scrip attached below
    (This script is included in the CX-Drive v1.1 Installation CD "Media" folder
Microsoft has published the following article detailing this issue and the resolution:;en-us;304107


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Created 2008-10-27
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