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What Settings Do Windows 95/98/ME Require For A Remote Connection? - CX-Server OPC version 1.1

Windows 95/98/ME require various settings to be made in DCOMCNFG.EXE to ensure remote connection is possible.

It is recommended very strongly that you use Windows NT/2000 for ANY OPC server machine, either remote or local - the security settings and stability of the DCOM communication layer is much more advanced than Windows 95/98/ME and as a result will always be advisable.

However, if it really has to be one of 95/98/ME then follow the instructions carefully in the manual, but take note of the following:

1. It is not possible to launch a remote server on 95/98/ME, therefore the server must be started manually on the server
machine before clients attempt to connect.

2. The security setting 'Authentication Level' for 95/98/ME should be set to None. This is the least amount of security, but is essential in order to let other OPC Clients remotely connect.



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Created 2008-10-26
Modified 2009-04-30
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