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Why When A Parameter Set Is Opened Is A 'Low Resources' Warning Displayed? - CX-Motion version 1.0

When it is run or when a parameter set is opened CX-Motion checks to see if enough system resources are available.
You will see one of these messages if system resources are low. However, it is possible for them to be displayed
in error under the following circumstances.

CX-Motion is unable to find a file called prjsr.exe. This file returns the system resources so that CX-Motion can calculate whether
it needs to warn the user that a problem may occur.

CX-Motion may be unable to find it for one of two reasons;

  • 1) the file is missing.
    This can happen if the user uninstalls cx-motion and then re-installs cx-motion without rebooting in between.
    When cx-motion is uninstalled the prjsr.exe file is marked for deletion by the operating system. At the next reboot it is removed.
    However, if you re-install cx-motion without rebooting then the operating system will still remove it on the next reboot. CX-Motion
    will then be unable to find the file and will return low system resources warnings by default.


    re-install cx-motion, this will not erase the users data files.

  • 2) the file is not missing but cx-motion cannot find it.
    This can happen if the file prjsr.exe is not run during the install process.
    The installer sometimes fails to run prjsr.exe, this seems to occur mainly on Compaq computers for unknown reasons.
    When prjsr.exe is run for the first time after installation it tells the operating system where it is so that CX-Motion can find it
    when it needs it.


    Use the windows explorer to navigate to the windows/system directory.
    Locate prjsr.exe and run it. This needs to be done only once.
    CX-Motion should now run without giving erroneous low resource messages.


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Created 2008-10-24
Modified 2009-04-30
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